Dude, I’ll see your €300k and raise you…

Let’s jump ahead now for a second; you have your deposit, you’ve spent every god damn waking hour looking at property sites, you’ve queued in line to view them (oh did I not mention that, yeah that’ll happen) and you’ve only gone and found one. You’ve found somewhere you not only think is pretty sweet, but somewhere, something, that you’re willing to spend more money on, than anything else in your life.

When this happens remember these words…dude, chill.

Try and be less…..

And more…

This is the start of a process, you’ve got to keep your cool and get ready to possibly play the long game. On my journey as a First Time Buyer, I put bids in on just two houses – both very different experiences…and actually both very different properties.

“Oh, sure if it’s meant for you, it won’t pass you by” – jaysus, if I heard that once I heard it a thousand times. But you know, I kind of feel that’s what happened in the end, so get ready to hear it, smile and push on.

First, I’ll tell you about the house I didn’t get…

I viewed it on a rainy February Friday evening and got all of the feels – you’ve gotta get the feels – it was a 1930’s terraced house in D9 and needed fair bit of cosmetic work, but the bones of it were good. A decent investment. And the current offer on it when I viewed it was under the asking price…boom! For the purpose of the story we’ll say the asking price was €260k. Cool? Great.

“Sarah” – the other bidder had offered €253k and I thought I was on easy street.

Me: Yeah, so eh I’m gonna close this down, nothing to see here,€257k. You. Are. Welcome!
Sarah: €258k
Me: Alright Sarah, calm down. €260k
Sarah: €261k
Me: I don’t think you get what’s happening here love? €263k
Sarah: €264k
Me: €265k
Sarah: €266K
Me: Now Sarah, you’re starting to get on my wick. How about €270k, take it outta that!
Sarah: €271k
Me: Christ Almighty. €272k
Sarah: €273k
Me: €274k
Sarah: €275K
Me: Right that’s it, I’m smokin’ Sarah out – €280k *mic drop*
Sarah: €281k
Me: *picks mic up* Oh for jaysus sake, is this one for real. €282k
Sarah: €283k

…and on and on it went, up to €295k. €42k over the original offer and 4 weeks of mental torture against my arch nemesis. I often wonder did she curse me as much as I did her.

Sarah eventually got the house, but for one main reason – I found the house I’m currently buying in the meantime, and loved it more. In hind sight I had been in serious danger of paying more for a house than it was worth….to me anyway. I couldn’t pull out of it, I mean I could have, at any stage. I just didn’t want to.
There was no way Sarah was getting my house.

Now whilst I wasn’t about to bid more than I could afford (remember our 10% deposit sums kids?), I was slowly upping my mortgage repayment, and giving away savings that
I was going to need for a house that had a periwinkle-blue bathroom suite to replace.

Thankfully my soon to be new home came along and saved me. I saw it on a Sunday, put an offer in on the Monday, and went Sale Agreed on the Tuesday. No lie.

But that was only the start of the next eye-opening chapter in world of a First Time Buyer. Tune in, next time to see what happened then – except you Sarah, you can piss off.