Peter Pan Syndrome

Pembroke Gardens

So this is the street where I live….for now. A beaut of a place nestled in the heart of Ballsbridge, with every single god damn thing you could imagine on your doorstep – most recently a Boojum (yeah, I know – drool!) It’s a beautiful house, a fabulous place and I have lived here for many amazing years with many amazing house mates – hi guys 🙂

So, why move? Why join ‘The First Time Buyers Club’? Who knows for sure, but I think similarly to the salmon who just frickin’ have to swim up stream, there is an innate sense in me to own somewhere to call ‘my own’.

I don’t drive, actually can’t drive (judge someone who cares, ok!) and I have no children, so in a way I feel I’ve been living a bit of a Peter Pan life – just floating along and never really growing up, whatever that means. It helps of course that I look about ten, ok five years younger than I actually am so can pretend I have lived less years than I actually have. But the time has come to leave Wendy, Tink and Lost Boys and do this…grow up and buy a gaff.

So this humble little collection of thoughts, learnings and let’s face it, very likely lots of mistakes, is about the journey I’m embarking on out of Never Never Land and over to my spiritual home – Dublin’s North Side, Phibsboro to be exact.

Want to come along? Cool. Will you hold my hand though, I’m a little scared!

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