Ok so that’s little old me up there. Hi!

If you’ve found these pages of ramblings I’m presuming like me you’re in the process of, or about to start on the journey of buying your first home. Otherwise, you’re a family member, pal or an ex-boyfriend having a good old social media stalk – if that’s the case hello to you too, all are welcome.

Anyway, a bit about me. I’m in my late thirties (it’s ok, you can be shocked), work in that devil’s playground known as Advertising and have random qualifications in Interior Architecture, Communications and am a trained make-up artist. So I know a little about lots of stuff.

What I didn’t know was how complicated and different buying a house is to what I was expecting. So, to save you maybe making the same mistakes or just want that extra bit of info, I’ve decided to impart the knowledge that I’ve learned so far, and will continue to learn over the coming weeks and months of buying a gaff.

Welcome to The Club 🙂